The days are getting shorter and all sorts of evil is coming out. The Monsters are all over our taps and walls! SBC is turning up the Monster level with five KAIJU! taps and some monster artwork from KAIJU! label designer/ illustrator Mikey Burton.

The tap line up includes KAIJU! GABS beer, Compendium. This beer uses a Belgian Abbey yeast strain, fermented at a warmer temperature to get more fruity, bubblegum and banana aromas. There are seven different malts for complexity and of course a metric boatload of hops to help wallop your olfactories. Lining up next to Compendium will be old favourites including Metamorphosis, Robohop, Aftermath, and Hopped out Red.

We are also super excited to be able to display the work of Mikey Burton, the mad mind behind the KAIJU! creature design. Mikey is a part time designer and a part time illustrator - which adds up to a full time Designy Illustrator. We may even see some new monsters!